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Side Post Battery Terminals and Adapters

If you have a side post battery, then we have what you need to make new cables, service existing cables, easily tap accessories to the battery terminal, or use any regular Top Post or Aftermarket Battery Terminal.

Click on any of the pictures to view a high resolution version.


Universal Side Post Battery Terminals
Part Number
Side Post Battery Terminal

These terminals require no
crimping or specialized tools -
just strip the cable and tighten it down.

Terminals are Unisex and include
set screw.

Note: priced per EACH.

Side Post Battery Terminals - Crimp / Solder Type Part Number
Side Post Battery Terminals - Crimp Type

These terminals are identical
to what the OEMs use and they
accept 4 AWG or 2 AWG cable.

We recommend soldering these
to your cables directly for best
results. Or we're happy to crimp
them for you.

Available in Red and Black, and
each is sold separately.

Side Post Battery Terminal, Crimp Style

These unisex terminals are
handy when building your own
side post battery cables and
using larger cable than the
above terminals can accept.

Each includes a 3/8" coarse bolt
of the correct length and flat
washer as shown.

2-1 AWG
1/0 AWG
2/0 AWG
Heat Shrink for either of the above terminals is available HERE.


Anti-Corrosive Battery Washers - side post batteries Part Number
Battery Washers

Our Anti-Corrosive Battery Washers are an inexpensive way to keep your battery terminals from corroding.

- Impregnated with a corrosive inhibitor

- Seal out acid fumes

- One Red & One Black Washer




Side Post Battery to Top Post Battery Clamp Adapters  
Side Post Battery Adapter      
Positive SPBAP
Negative SPBAN

These adapters allow most top post battery terminals to be used with
side post batteries. Note: They are different diameters.

JL Audio Side Post Battery Terminal Adapter Kit

This kit allows you to use any of our top post or aftermarket battery terminals with side post batteries. It includes a positive and negative adapter, coarse thread bolts for automotive batteries, fine thread bolts
for marine batteries, an extra long bolt for use in diesel vehicles with two batteries, and the associated
hex key. The left picture is of the kit itself, the right a typical installation.

JL Audio XB-SPTM Side Post Battery Adapters JL Audio XB-SPTM Side Post Battery Adapters Installed XB-SPTM
Side Post Battery Accessory Adapters - Short  
Side Post Battery Adapters - Short
Short Adapter (unisex) GMSHORT

This adapter replaces the standard
side post terminal screw. The end
accommodates a 5/16" eyelet or
ring terminal for a super easy way
to tap an accessory to a side post

Nickel plated to resist corrosion.

Side Post Battery Accessory Adapters - Long  
Side Post Battery Adapters - Long      
Long Adapter (unisex) GMLONG

As above, but this adapter works
with GM diesel vehicles with dual
batteries or with dual side post
terminals stacked on either post.

Nickel plated to resist corrosion

Side Post Battery Accessory Adapter - Brass    
Side Post Battery Accessory Adapter - Brass Short Adapter (brass) GMBRASS

This adapter works well and is inexpensive. This is the most economical way to correctly add accessories to a side post battery.

5/16" accessory stud.

Be sure and check out our selection of Aftermarket Battery Terminals - all of which work in Side Post applications when paired with the above XB-SPTM. They are ideal for connecting multiple large gauge cables.