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Custom Dual Battery Relocation Kits

Running dual batteries and looking for a complete solution? No problem - we offer two solutions:

1. Modify any of our Standard or Deluxe Battery Relocation Kits to allow you to connect the 2nd battery.
2. Custom design and build a kit to meet your specifications.

In some applications, the batteries can be located next to each other. In other applications, the batteries need to be located on opposite sides of the vehicle. Either way, you can count on us to deliver a kit that will exceed your expectations. No different from our Standard or Deluxe Battery Relocation Kits, our Custom Dual Battery Relocation Kits will include every single thing you need to install it!

Following are some examples of our work.

Jeep Cherokee Dual Relocation Kit

Batteries located next to one another
[Moroso Battery Boxes and split loom tubing not shown]

Shown here is a kit we built for a Jeep Cherokee with a massive Warn winch. This kit includes dual runs of 1/0 AWG to feed that winch with plenty of power and eliminate the voltage drop that would be associated with a single run of 1/0 AWG.

Custom Dual Battery Relocation Kit for Jeep Cherokee
Click to Enlarge

The dual 1/0 AWG power cables are each protected via 500 Amp fuses and terminate at a custom power distribution center. The power distribution center provides an easy location to connect the winch, starter, and OEM wiring harness. In addition, this customer requested a Master ON/OFF switch so that he could turn off his running Jeep in the event of an emergency when on the trail. We utilized the Moroso 74102 Super Duty Battery Disconnect Switch as it has an instantaneous current rating of 2,000 Amps! Finally, we fabbed up a special exciter disconnect harness to interface with the alternator so that it would stop charging when the switch was turned to the OFF position.

2009 Dodge Diesel Truck Dual Relocation Kit

Batteries located on opposite sides in the rear of the bed
[Moroso Battery Boxes and split loom tubing not shown]

Apparently, when you make over 900hp and 1400lb-ft of torque in a late model Dodge diesel truck, the aftermarket turbos and plumbing require a substantial amount of real estate!

Custom Dual Battery Relocation Kit for 2009 Dodge Truck
Click to Enlarge

The owner and builder of this one of a kind Doge decided to relocate the batteries to the rear of the truck to free as much space as possible in the engine compartment. As this truck serves primary duties as a hauler, the batteries had to be moved to the rear most corners in the bed to clear the 5th wheel trailer hitch and fuel cell. This necessitated some LONG runs between the 300 Amp Ohio Generator alternator, between each of the batteries, and from the batteries back to the front. The builder provided us detailed specifications and we designed a kit to suit them that can provide some SERIOUS current to start the engine on even the coldest winter day.

*Nothin' is cooler than a 9,000 pound truck that can run in the 11s in the quarter!

1973 Chevy Vega Drag Vehicle

Check out this custom 1/0 AWG dual battery relocation kit we built for a way cool '73 Vega with a 14.8:1 compression big cubic inch SBC! This customer is running both jumper studs (on the lower left) and a master disconnect switch, which is necessary to comply with NHRA guidelines.

Custom Dual Battery Relocation Kit for 1973 Chevy Vega
Click to Enlarge

This Vega is more like a show car with gorgeous paint and tin work throughout. Batteries are located on opposite sides of the trunk. This kit includes complete electrical protection for all cables that run the length of the vehicle.

Ford Mustang Cobra Jet Battery Relocation Kit

Got a late model Mustang that you're making into a Cobra Jet? Let us build you a battery relocation kit that is exactly like the one Ford specs but can't be purchased over the counter - even better actually!

Call us for more details on this kit.

Custom Dual Battery Relocation Kit for 1973 Chevy Vega
Click to Enlarge

Regardless of what kind of application you have, we'll build a kit that will take the guesswork out of the installation. We go out of our way to simplify the process of installing even the most complex kits.

What Information Do We Need to Fab Up a Custom Relocation KIt for your Project?

We require as much information as you can provide when building such a kit, so be prepared for a barrage of questions from us in regards. As you can see, we go out of our way to include every single thing you may need to install the kit the correct way without making a single trip to the store. In addition, we also provide written instructions to supplement the standard ones addressing the specifics of your kit.

As these kits are built based on specifications that you will be asked to provide they require 100% prepayment before we build them!


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