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Battery Disconnect Switches

We stock a small variety of high quality battery disconnect switches (also referred to as Master ON/OFF disconnect switches) for your projects. Many sanctioning bodies require the use of a Master ON/OFF disconnect switch for any vehicle competing with a rear located battery. This allows their safety team to quickly disconnect power to all vehicle accessories as well as turn off a running engine in the event of an accident.

Be sure and check out our Master ON/OFF Add-On Kits as they include all the wiring and parts required to easily add any of the below Master ON/OFF disconnect switches to any of our Battery Relocation kits and ensure that they work correctly. You'll breeze through tech . . .

Need to brush up on your skills with switches? No problem - Chapter 4 of Automotive Wiring and Electrical Systems covers switches in-depth and how to put them to work.

The basics:

SPST - Single Pole Single Throw
SPDT - Single Pole Double Throw
C - Common
N.O. - Normally Open
N.C. - Normally Closed


    Part Number
Moroso Heavy Duty Battery Disconnect Switch MOR74101
Moroso 74101 Heavy Duty Battery Disconnect Switch

Type: SPST
Continuous Current Rating.: 175 Amps

Secondary Switch: NO

Stud Size: (1) Pair 3/8-16



Moroso Super Duty Battery Disconnect Switch MOR74102
Moroso 74102 Super Duty Battery Disconnect Switch

Type: Dual SPST
Continuous Current Rating: 300 Amps
Instantaneous Current Rating: 2,000A

Secondary Switch: YES - can be used
to disable alternator exciter circuit, etc.

Main Stud Size: (1) Pair 1/2-20
Secondary Stud Size: (1) Pair 10-32

Moroso Push/Pull Battery Disconnect Mounting Kit MOR74105
Moroso 74105 Push/Pull Battery Disconnect Mounting Kit

This kit is compatible with either the 74101 or 74102 switches and converts them to push/pull operation.

This allows you to locate the switch inside the trunk or passenger compartment and drill only a small hole in the rear of the vehicle to pass the rod through.